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Chocolate Chip Cookie

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

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Well, here we are; any food blog just isn't complete without a Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

In my countless hours in the kitchen, I've tested numerous recipes from numerous blogs, but this one seems to be the favorite among everyone.

It's slightly different than your usual recipe, and it's heavy on Brown Sugar and has a bit of Crisco as well.

But what do these additions do to change up the cookie? There is Brown sugar and Crisco in this recipe, but do they truly alter a recipe that much? You betcha they do.

Cookies are a sort of recipe where each little change will alter the recipe entirely. A little extra butter and your cookie will spread out; brown your butter beforehand, and your cookies will have a wonderful nutty flavor. And of course... the Vanilla you use will improve the cookie flavor significantly.

But back to the Crisco and Brown Sugar... Brown Sugar has two effects. Due to its high Molasses content, it'll add moisture to the cookies and make them chewier. It'll also help prevent the cookies from spreading out as much in the oven. A good rule of thumb is the more Brown Sugar you add to a recipe, the chewier it'll be. The White Sugar you add, the crispier it'll be.

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Crisco, on the other hand, makes the cookies softer as they it is 100% fat. So there we have it, extra Brown Sugar for a chewier cookie and Crisco for a softer cookie. The perfect chewy cookie recipe packed with flavor!

With our addition of Pecans, there is a little crunch that cuts through the softness—a perfect balance.

We, of course, highly recommend the use of Vanilla Paste which you can read about here. After you finish the dough, we highly recommend you chill the dough for at least 12 hours, and this will help the flavors develop and prevent the cookies from spreading out too much.

And so, without further wait, let's get baking!


Chef Olson

"The Flying Chef"

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