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As featured in the Lake Minnetonka Magazine, our community is built upon the foundation that good from-scratch cooking is a craft worth doing. Food brings happiness and brings people together, something we hope to do through our community.

We cook to make those around us happy and to teach those around us the art of from-scratch cooking. Here you will find culinary experiences, trusted recipes, and of course, a foodie community like none other. 

From restaurant secrets to trusted recipes, we want everyone to feel welcome and to have the ability to learn about the vast and fascinating culinary industry.

Want to know more about why we began a foodie community? Click below!

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About The Wooden Spoon

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Meet the Editor

Chef Olson

As the founder of The Wooden Spoon, cooking has always been a passion and just shy of an obsession. Having trained under esteemed bread bakers, pastry directors, and graduates of Le Cordon Bleu, his specialty is pastry art and french cuisine. 


"One must not reinvent the foundations of cooking; my style is traditional and rooted in the great chefs before me, but with a modern and approachable twist" -Chef Olson.

Meet Our Writers


Sofia Vivas
Contributor & Founder of The Wooden Spoon Healthy Eating Blog

For Sofia, making and sharing delicious-tasting, nutritious meals is a passion. Her specialty is taking recipes, both savory and sweet, and putting a healthy twist on them. 


“Flavorful and healthy food does not need to juxtapose one another. My approach is one of simplicity, whole foods, and above all, finding the joy in sharing a bite to eat with others.” -Sofia Vivas

Additional ArtWork Done By: Chris Emeott, Tiger Oak Media & Megan M

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