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Honey Cinnamon Butter

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

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It's official… It's September, and that means fall weather! Coffee shops will be coming out with their pumpkin spiced themed drinks and foods, rarely do they have any pumpkin in them, and apple orchards will be opening soon!

Fall is one of my favorite times of year to cook; it's when warm spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg genuinely take center stage. When the leaves change color, the winds pick up, and the air cools down its time for fall cooking.

Today, we present a straightforward recipe to make, just four ingredients and three easy steps. This Honey Cinnamon Butter is the perfect fall recipe; I don't think anything says fall more than this recipe. Spread it on bread, bagels, or my favorite... Crumpets! The airy tiny holes in this British breakfast item are perfect for this recipe. The butter gets in every nooks and cranny and fills every bite with this butter.

While this recipe is incredibly easy, almost too easy for how good it tastes, it's easily scalable. Make a whole stick of butter and double all the ingredients, very easy and equally as delicious.

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When I began making this recipe, I wanted to make sure that every ingredient could be tasted without being too sweet. There is no other sweetener other than honey. Of course, the butter is the main show, but the spices add an essential element too—the cinnamon for warmth and a touch of ginger for a bit of bite.

But it gets better; if you like a particular spice, just add 1/4th tsp and test it out. I wouldn't recommend adding cumin or chili powder, but warm spices will work perfectly.

And without further delay, let's get cooking!


Chef Olson

"The Flying Chef"

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