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Chicken Wild Rice Soup

Updated: Jan 14

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This week I present one of the best chicken wild rice recipes you'll ever try. It's a Minnesota classic, rich with cream, rice, chicken, and vegetables, and it is the perfect comfort food on a cold or rainy day.

And the best part is? You could be eating this soup in less than an hour. It only takes 15 or so minutes of active time, and the rest is sitting back and smelling the fantastic soup cooking on your stove.

But wait, there's more… remember our chicken stock from last week? You can use it in this very soup!

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But why is this soup better than the hundreds of other recipes you could find or mixes you could buy at a store? The secret is the fresh bouquet garni. A bouquet garni is a collection of herbs used to flavor stocks and soups; you could also say they are aromatics. While other recipes may call for dried herbs, I forbid you from using this abomination in this soup. opt for a fresh sprig of thyme or rosemary. For this recipe, I've created a collection of herbs that will make your mouth water.

Using dried herbs versus fresh herbs is not even comparable. You'll get a rich, more robust flavor profile from fresh herbs. Your dish will smell and taste as though you freshly picked the ingredients from your garden. You'll taste the aromatics within your dish! If you ever want to elevate your cooking, use FRESH herbs.

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But enough about my propaganda on fresh herbs; let's jump right into this recipe! Keep in mind, if you are cooking for yourself, you can freeze this soup; look in the chef's notes to find out how! Even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy this recipe, it is highly versatile in cooking for a large family or just yourself.


Chef Olson

“The Flying Chef”

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Chefs Notes:

- Be very careful not to overcook the soup. In doing so, your soup will become too thick and more like a hot dish.

- It is crucial that only the freshest of herbs are used. Anything less and the flavor and quality of this soup will be changed.

- To freeze this soup, place it in a container, and freeze. To reheat, slowly thaw the soup in your fridge and warm it over the stove. If the soup begins to separate, place it in a saucepan over low to medium heat and whisk until it comes together.

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