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Parsnip Puree

Updated: Jan 31

Today I introduce a little bit different recipe from just your plain mashed potatoes. I present to you a recipe for mashed parsnip also known as parsnip puree. Now I know what some of you are thinking; what on earth does a parsnip taste like, and will it be like mashed potatoes? The best way I can describe a parsnip is a cross between a potato and a carrot. It's much sweeter than a potato but still holds a potato's starchy qualities.

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A parsnip puree with just cream, butter, and seasoning can be very sweet, which is why I've added a few different flavors. You'll see that I added a bit of ginger to give it a bite, along with a little lemon. The citrus in the lemon will help bring out the flavors of the ginger. The addition of garlic adds a little warmth and familiarity to this dish if you've not tried parsnip before.

What I truly love about this recipe is that it is straightforward to make. While with mashed potatoes, you have to worry about overworking them, parsnips don't have as big of a risk in that department. The best way to prepare these and save yourself some elbow grease is to use a food processor to blend up the parsnips. This helps to create a wonderfully smooth texture.

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If you're making this in the fall or on a cold rainy day, I recommend removing the garlic and adding a bit of nutmeg. With the nutmeg and ginger, you start to counteract the sweetness and get to bring out the warmth in the dish.

With all this in mind, what should you pair parsnips with? The best dishes to pair with parsnips would involve fish, game, and birds, such as chicken or duck. Roasted garlic and shallots also work exceptionally well with parsnip puree.

But that's enough about that the details… let's get cooking!


Chef Olson

"The Flying Chef"

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Chefs Notes:

- The mixing and blending can be done by hand but is best done with a food processor or blender for a smoother texture.

- Replace the ginger with a teaspoon of Nutmeg on a rainy or cold fall day for added warmth.

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