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My Love for Healthy Eating: The Origin

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Sofia Vivas, writer, home cook, Family, food, together, new writer, contributor

Thank you for joining The Wooden Spoon community. I am thrilled to welcome you into a foodie community like none other!

As the new Healthy Eating Blog & Recipes founder, I can't wait to share the joy of eating and enjoying healthy food.

Growing up, I loved to help out in the kitchen. However, my family will often struggled to know how exactly to let me help when I was little. And yet, the one activity I could easily partake in - without making messes, that is - was stirring. Therefore, since I was little, it has been my task to stir: fold in ingredients, and so forth. In doing so, I fell in love with the smells that surrounded me: the cinnamon of the banana bread, the zip of the chili, and course, the chocolate of the cookies that I helped to mix, to name a few of my favorite recipes from childhood.

As time went on, I was given more liberties in the kitchen. I ventured beyond stirring to the realms of sautéing, blending, and, my absolute favorite, using the oven.

Once I was old enough to bake things in the oven, I found myself researching, trying, and tasting the colorful recipes I found in my mother's cookbooks that I had previously enjoyed looking at as if they were products in a catalog. I was no longer a spectator to the kitchen's hustle and bustle - I was an active player!

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It is truly thanks to my grandmother, known as "Maw-Maw," to loved ones, which piqued my interest in healthy food. In my early years of life, my dear Maw-Maw lived with my family, and during that time, she and I would make frequent trips to our local co-op that offered fresh, farm-to-table ingredients that were both nutritious and delicious! If the aroma of the recently-picked produce that met my nose upon entering the co-op wasn't enticing enough, the dark chocolate almonds she and I made a habit of purchasing certainly were.

I learned from my Maw-Maw that health is about balance, a balance, and an interchange between flavor and health rather than a choice between one or the other. I understood that I could enjoy quality meats, vegetables, and, yes, even chocolates while still fueling my body. What is more, I also learned how the enjoyment of food multiplies when that enjoyment is shared with others!

Knowing that the ingredients in my foods are working for my body instead of against it, I couldn't help but want to share my passion for healthy eating with those closest to my heart. I soon began to share my creations with family and friends, which filled me with great joy; there is nothing like witnessing someone you care for savoring a meal or a dessert you have made!

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But my passion didn’t stop there! I realized that I wanted to share with more people than just my family and close friends; the good news of nutrient-rich, satisfying foods was too good to keep quiet on! For that reason, I was drawn to the community here at The Wooden Spoon.

Our Community

Here at The Wooden Spoon Healthy Eating, you will find a community of like-minded foodies eager to share, learn, and enjoy great food together! There is no need to worry about being unfamiliar with the kitchen or healthy eating because the beauty is that food doesn't need to be complex to be tasty or nutritious. Often the simplest of foods are the most delicious; We are here to help you along your journey to eating and enjoying healthy eating. Our community serves to foster the love of food while also informing you on relevant, helpful topics in the world of healthy eating.

Once more, thank you for choosing to join our community! Together we will find joy in eating well!

Here's to health,

Sofia Vivas


A note from our editor

Welcome Sofia Vivas to our team! We are excited to have Sofia Vivas join our team at The Wooden Spoon Blog and Foodie Community. Sofia brings a passion for food and a childhood filled with a connection between food and family. Food has the potential to bring people together, something Sofia has seen at a young age. With family recipes and a self-taught experience that goes well beyond what you may expect from an everyday family cookbook, her passion for health and food will have you jumping for joy each time we post one of her secret recipes.

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