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Grilled Grapes

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

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This delicious recipe for grilled grapes is delicious and easy to make. With the sweetness and hint of the tartness of a grape combined with spices, butter, and honey, you won't be able to stop eating them!

Grapes are delicious on their own, but when you warm them up and add a bit of smoke from the grill along with spices, they change their nature to become even more delicious; they pop in your mouth!

While testing this recipe, I tried to see if other blogs had something similar. All of which had you place them on a tray and put them into an oven. That's ok, but they all seemed too over bake them. I was disappointed that finding a recipe like this was very hard because it's absolutely delicious!

This recipe is all about balance. Cooked too long, and the grapes will fall off the stem and lose their juice. Too little, and they won't be warm enough and won't have the pop of juice when you eat them. We want to find a balance based on the timing of the grill.

This recipe is highly versatile; You can not only change the spices they are simmered in before the grill, you can also use wine, but you can also alter how they are cooked. Cook them a little more or less, depending on their use. Keep the grill on high heat to add char and extra smokiness.

So what would you do with the recipe, you ask? They are delicious on their own as a healthy dessert, but you can also pair them with many dishes, from an ice cream topping to whip cream, on a charcuterie board, or top of the pork. The possibilities are endless. Not to mention how pretty this recipe looks with its striking red color!

We can't wait for you to try this recipe and hope you enjoy every bite.


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