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Chicken Noodle Soup

Updated: Jan 16

Hello Foodies! Today I present one of the most fantastic Chicken Noodle Soup recipes you'll come across. With everything from scratch from the chicken stock to homemade pasta, you and those around you will smell and taste a profound difference between any canned abomination soup and this one.

Fresh herbs, spices, chicken noodle. carrots, celery, sick, comfort, cold day, recpie

The key to this recipe's success is all the minor techniques used throughout making this soup, from making thin pasta from scratch to using fresh herbs and placing your chicken skin side down when cooking, along with letting it rest to ensure the most flavorful soup possible. Chicken noodle soup can be thrown together quickly, but using the proper techniques have the power to change a soup from average to a soup made by an experienced chef.

You'll find instructions to make homemade pasta; although you could use dried pasta, I'd recommend using egg noodles; fresh pasta adds another element to the soup. The flavor of the stock and herbs can better infuse with the pasta by using fresh pasta. It's important to note that fresh pasta takes considerably less time to cook, though this will depend on how thick you cut your pasta- the thinner, the better!

Fresh herbs, spices, chicken noodle. carrots, celery, sick, comfort, cold day, recipe, foodie, cook, chef, from scratch.

You'll find that you will cook your chicken from raw in this recipe. One of the most important tasks you can do, any time you're cooking meat, is to let that meat rest! Cover it with tin foil, and let those fantastic juices come back into the chicken. Many French chefs will say that you should rest the meat for as long as you cook it. Time is the ingredient in this instance, so if you cook a chicken for an hour, let it rest for an hour! Don't worry about it not being safe. This practice is used in countless European kitchens and has been done for hundreds of years.

And one last tip: use The Wooden Spoon Chefs Chicken Stock found here for a more robust and flavorful soup!

But enough about the details, let's jump in and begin cooking!


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Chefs Notes

- If you cannot make homemade pasta, egg noodles are the best substitute for this soup.

- The key to getting a clear stock is skimming any impurities that float to the top throughout the cooking process.

- If you plan on freezing this soup, I recommend not adding the noodles until you are ready to serve. Ie. Cook all the components of the soup, freeze it, unthaw, and add cooked noodles right before serving.

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